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Careers with the Rainforest Alliance

The Rainforest Alliance is an international nonprofit organization that works to conserve biodiversity and ensure sustainable livelihoods by transforming land-use practices, business practices and consumer behavior. With offices throughout the United States and worldwide, the Rainforest Alliance works with people whose livelihoods depend on the land, helping them transform the way they grow food, harvest wood and host travelers.

Rainforest Alliance Benefits Philosophy

The Rainforest Alliance believes that all employees, regardless of location or title, should have access to benefits. We strive to provide programs that provide the following:

  • Health/medical coverage for staff and family
  • Retirement savings plans
  • Paid time off for holidays/vacations, illness, and personal needs
  • Assistance for adverse situations that might arise while on business travel
  • Insurance for unfortunate circumstances

Note: Benefits vary, depending on location. Please talk to your recruiter during your interview about specific benefits for your location.

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