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Our Work with Danone

Details of Agreement 

By 2020, Danone will source 100% of its direct supply from sustainably managed forest sources, giving a clear priority to either recycled fibers or Forest Stewardship Council-certified sources for virgin fibers. Danone and its "tier 1" suppliers are working to overcome potential traceability and transparency hurdles in the supply chain. In high risk countries, Danone is asking third-party audits to be planned and put in place by tier 1 suppliers to ensure compliance in 2014. (Source: Danone)

Achievements to Date 

Danone worked with the Rainforest Alliance to review their "Forest Position for Paper and Board Packaging", published in 2012. In 2013, Rainforest Alliance provided trainings on responsible paper sourcing to Danone staff and suppliers in Indonesia and China.  (Source: Rainforest Alliance)

In 2014, 85% of the paper Danone used in packaging was in compliance with its Forest Footprint Policy, with 96% compliance in its top four “risk” countries. (Source: Danone)

Last updated 
October, 2015

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