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Our Work with Nescafé



Details of Agreement 

By 2020, 90,000 tonnes of Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN) Standard compliant green coffee will be sourced by Nescafé. The Nescafé Plan commits to train more than 10,000 farmers every year through Nescafé's Better Farming Practices program. (Source: Nescafé)

Achievements to Date 

Nescafé's Better Farming Practices program has been introduced and is underway in five coffee producing countries: Mexico, Vietnam, Ivory Coast, Indonesia and China. In 2012, the Rainforest Alliance and Nescafe, working together, trained more than 14,000 farmers, using training materials specifically created and distributed in local languages. (Source: Rainforest Alliance)

Last updated 
November, 2014

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