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Our Work with Nespresso



Details of Agreement 

By 2013, 80% of the coffee that Nespresso purchases will come from farmers who are part of the company's AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program, developed with the Rainforest Alliance. The program is based on Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN) standards for sustainability and has been specifically developed to focus on coffee quality, environmental sustainability and farmer welfare. The program provides a path to Rainforest Alliance certification for those farmers who choose to pursue it, and includes a clear process for SAN to verify that farms are compliant with the sustainability and quality standards of the program. SAN certifies the farms that choose to become Rainforest Alliance Certified™. (Source: Nespresso)

Achievements to Date 

At end of 2012, Nespresso was sourcing 68% of its coffee from the more than 52,000 farmers who are part of the AAA Program and is on pace to achieve its 80% target by the end of 2013.  (Source: Nespresso)

Last updated 
November, 2014

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