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Annemieke Wijn

Annemieke Wijn has worked in the coffee industry since 1976, when she began at General Foods as a chemist and researcher. She went on to lead the revitalization of the marketing efforts for HAG General Foods, and implemented product development programs leading to increased volumes and improved profits. When Kraft merged with General Foods in 1989, she became director of the strategic business unit for coffee and beverages, where she successfully led the integration of coffee and beverage groups into Kraft General Foods, increasing profits by 200% while maintaining market position. Ms. Wijn went on to spend eleven years, first in research and development, and then in marketing, with Kraft Jacob Suchard. In 1998, she was elected president of the German Coffee Association. In 2002, she became the senior director of commodity sustainability programs at Kraft Foods, where she created and implemented world-wide initiatives. She retired from Kraft in 2006. She holds a bachelor's degree in biophysics from Rijksuniversiteit in Leiden, Netherlands, a Master's degree in bioengineering from Columbia University and an MBA from Long Island University in New York.

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