Alto Huayabamba Project

Project Type: 



2,300 hectares


Perú - San Martín 



Rainforest Alliance Evaluation: 

Validated conformance with the Verified Carbon Standard, version 3: December 14th, 2011 (RA-VAL-VCS-015121).

This project aims to reforest 5,683 acres (2,300 hectares) of land in Northern Peru by promoting sustainable forestry and agroforestry amongst 1,800 small-scale cocoa farmers who are associated with the Acopagro farming cooperative. Farmers participating in this project will receive guidance on reforestation activities specific to their farming system and local conditions, as well as compensation for each tree planted. Further, Acopagro agronomists and volunteers will educate famers on the impacts of climate change and deforestation in the region (where deforestation rates approach 642,000 acres or 260,000 hectares per year) and provide technical assistance on sustainable agroforestry and forestry activities. Participating farmers will plant a diverse set of native species including shaina (Colubrina Glandulosa), estoraque (Miroxylon Balsamum) and caoba (Swietenia Macrophylla), which maintain varied growing seasons and enable timber harvesting to occur in a manner that is both economically beneficial to farmers and ecologically sustainable. Over the project’s 40-year lifetime, it is expected that nearly two million trees will be planted, resulting in the capture of approximately 1,250,000 tons of CO2 equivalent.

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