EcoPlanet Bamboo Central America Project

Project Type: 

Afforestation, Reforestation and Revegetation (ARR)


1,235 hectares


El Rama and Kukra Hill, RAAS, Nicaragua

Rainforest Alliance Evaluation: 

Validated conformance with the Verified Carbon Standard Version 3: November 7, 2012 (RA-VAL-VCS- 017055).

Validated conformance with the Climate, Community, and Biodiversity Alliance Standards Second Edition, December 2008: November 23, 2012 (RA-VAL-CCB-017054).

The EcoPlanet Bamboo Central America Project is a reforestation project that utilizes native bamboo (Guadua aculeata) to regenerate degraded pastureland on the Atlantic coast of Nicaragua. EcoPlanet Bamboo is growing G. aculeata for high-end flooring, construction and structural products. Such markets traditionally rely on species harvested from natural forests, contributing to deforestation and the continued endangerment of many of these species. By developing a timber bamboo plantation, the project will provide a sustainable source of timber for these markets. The project activities will have high sequestration benefits and will also indirectly reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that would have resulted from the deforestation and degradation of natural forests.

The EcoPlanet Bamboo Central America Project is the first project audited by the Rainforest Alliance that has simultaneously achieved Verified Carbon Standard & Climate Community and Biodiversity validation as well as Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) forest management certification.

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