Improved Forest Management Conversion of Logged to Protected Forest Methodology

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IFM Methodology



Rainforest Alliance Evaluation: 

Methodology Assessment for use with Verified Carbon Standard 2007.1. View Methodology Assessment Report.

This methodology—which has been approved by the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) Association—provides step-by-step procedures to enable conservative estimates of net greenhouse gas emissions resulting from “logged to protected forest” (LtPF) projects. A type of improved forest management, LtPF projects aim to protect forestlands that would be logged in the absence of payments to keep them standing and help them to maintain their carbon stocks. The methodology provides guidance on project eligibility; boundaries and scope; the quantification of greenhouse gas emissions reductions and the resulting Verified Carbon Units (VCUs, which are the currency of carbon credits in the VCS system); and the monitoring of carbon stocks and other fundamental components of forest carbon project development. This is the first LtPF project methodology approved for use under the VCS.

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