Green Assets -- Middleton Place Avoided Conversion Project (CAR749)

Project Type: 

Avoided Conversion (AC)


1,510 hectares


Charleston, South Carolina, United States


Middleton Place (Landowner)

Green Assets (Project Developer)

Rainforest Alliance Evaluation: 

Verified conformance with the Climate Action Reserve Standards, Forest Project Protocol Version 3.2: September 11, 2013 (RA-VER-CAR- 01 5217).

The Middleton Place Avoided Conversion Project is located in southeastern South Carolina, near Charleston, on the Middleton Place property.  The project area consists of 3,731 acres, which is under a conservation easement recorded on December 20, 2007.  This date serves as the project start date.  The project is an Avoided Conversion project as defined by the Forest Project Protocol (FPP V3.2), and will produce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reductions/removals by avoiding the proposed conversion of the forestland to commercial agricultural endeavors and activities.  The Middleton Place property and project area are both privately owned and managed by Middleton Place, LLC.  The lands associated with Middleton Place are steeped in a rich and culturally diverse history. The property is home to the oldest Hunting Club in North America and has maintained its historic hunting traditions up to the present day.  Furthermore, contiguous to the project area, are the historic Middleton Place Gardens. Envisioned and created by Henry Middleton in 1741, the gardens have been recognized by the Garden Club of America as “the oldest landscaped gardens in North America.”

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