Afforestation in the Montreal Metropolitan Area Project

Project Type: 

Afforestation, Reforestation and Revegetation (ARR)


109 hectares


Montreal, Canada

Rainforest Alliance Evaluation: 

Validated conformance with the CarbonFix Standards Version 3.1: July 31, 2012 (RA-VAL-CFS- 016642).

This afforestation plantation project focuses on 271 acres (109.6 hectares) of abandoned land in the metropolitan Montreal area, of which 206 acres (83.4 hectares) comprise the eligible project area. With the exception of 12 acres (five hectares) that were part of an open-pit mine, most of the land was previously cultivated. CO2 Environnement and the landowners of the project sites have entered into contracts that grant the company the rights to the carbon credits for each site in exchange for replanting and maintaining the land over the project’s 50-year duration. CO2 Environnement has planted all of the sites predominantly with three hardwood species: black spruce, white spruce and jack pine.

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