Reforestation Sierra Piura Project

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Perú – Yamango – Piura 


Coop Norandino


Rainforest Alliance Evaluation: 

Validated conformance with the CarbonFix Standard v 3.0: July 15th, 20011 (RA-VER-CFS-014675).

This project is designed to reforest community-owned lands used by ten different villages, sequester carbon through forest restoration efforts and provide economic benefits for local communities through the sale of carbon credits. Currently, 325 families use the project area for agriculture and cattle grazing, and over the long-term these activities have resulted in deforestation, leaving the area with sparse shrub vegetation and degraded pastureland. This project will maintain commercial forestry areas that provide local communities with crucial resources (such as construction wood), employ local farmers, avoid the use of clear-cutting techniques and heavy machinery that negatively impact the environment and plant with species that are familiar to farmers and well-suited to the area’s growing conditions, such as Mexican weeping pine (Pinus patula) and Monterey pine (Pinus radiate). The project will also utilize Polylepis incana, a native species that is in decline due to habitat destruction, to help maintain a conservation area that will sequester carbon and generate revenue from carbon credit sales. The total amount of carbon sequestration available for the sale of carbon credits is expected to be 42,784 tCO2e over the life of the project.

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