The Van Eck Forest Project

Project Type: 

Conservation Based Forest Management


877 hectares


Humboldt County, California United States


Rainforest Alliance Evaluation: 

Verified conformance with the Climate Action Reserve Forest Project Protocol Version 2.1: January 14, 2014 (RA-VER-CAR- 019467).

The Van Eck Forest Project is based on a property owned by the Fred M. Van Eck Forest Foundation that is located just north of Arcata in Humboldt County, California. The project is defined as a Conservation-Based Forest Management Project according to the Climate Action Reserve (CAR) Forest Project Protocol Version 2.1. The Project covers an area of 2,167 acres (877 hectares) of coastal redwood-Douglas fir forest with a minor Monterey pine, Sitka spruce and alder components. The Project activity is based on forest management that will increase timber and carbon stocking on the site by harvesting timber at a rate that is less than the timber growth rate, with a goal of increasing overall timber stocking on the project site toward 100 MBF/acre over the Project lifetime. Specific project activities on the Van Eck Forest involves management with more restrictive limits when operating near watercourses, and employing selection, or small group uneven aged harvesting techniques as compared to the baseline scenario that is permitted by law. This verification evaluated the 2012 emission reductions which were confirmed to have achieved a total reduction in GHG emissions of 35,260 tCO2e. It represents the seventh verification of the Project to the CAR standards, with the first six verifications conducted by another Verification Body.

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