“Weyerhaeuser Uruguay” Forest Plantations on Degraded Grasslands under Extensive Grazing Project

Project Type: 

Afforestation, Reforestation and Revegetation (ARR)


18,191 hectares


Treinta y Tres and Cerro Largo, Uruguay


Rainforest Alliance Evaluation: 

Validated conformance with the Verified Carbon Standard Version 3: January 4, 2013 (RA-VAL-VCS- 017337)

Covering a total of 44,951 acres (18,191 hectares) of land that was previously used for extensive grazing by beef cattle, the project will establish forest plantations to obtain high-value timber products and sequester large amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Forest plantations will mainly be eucalyptus and pine forests on 16- and 21-year rotations, to be managed by pruning and thinning, with the goal of obtaining knot-free, high-diameter logs suitable for saw-milling and veneering. Planting will be completed by year seven of project, and forests will be replanted after clear-cut harvest.

The project will be implemented on degraded land that would not revert to a non-degraded state without human intervention and would likely to continue to degrade in the absence of the project. Its main objectives are wood production, land restoration and carbon sequestration through afforestation, and the ultimate purpose is to achieve long-term sustainability and improve soil quality.

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