Lafayette Street School, Newark, New Jersey

Lafayette Street School students now truly understand what it means to be good global citizens. With the support of administration and teachers, the curriculum touched all disciplines, from essay writing to a comparison study of rainforest animal skeletons and humans. The physical education and art classes also joined in the rainforest fun. To demonstrate their new global citizenship skills, students wrote letters to companies that buy goods from the rainforest. They raised over $1,000 to support the conservation groups featured in the curriculum.

Maria Merlo "The partnership between the Rainforest Alliance and Lafayette Street School ignited a desire within our students and faculty to take the teaching and learning process to new heights. We were able to differentiate the instruction for our students and create a love of learning through their particular interests and strengths. The faculty effectively married the Rainforest Alliance curriculum and the Newark Public Schools curriculum to soar beyond expectations. While doing so, we had fun transforming the school into our own private little rainforest."

Maria Merlo
Lafayette Street School
Newark, NJ

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