Madison School, Bridgeport, Connecticut

Since 2005, Madison School kindergarten through sixth grade students have explored the rainforest theme during their schoolwide implementation of the Rainforest Alliance curricula. Using the interactive lessons, presentations and resources on the Learning Site, teachers helped connect students with conservation projects in Latin America, and with people living nearby. Madison School students participated in a variety of activities, and learned that they too can help contribute to rainforest conservation. Students and teachers held a Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee sale and chocolate festival to celebrate two of the tastiest treats to originate in tropical forests.

"Teachers often feel burdened with extra tasks, but it was so much fun to teach the children about chocolate. The Rainforest Alliance resources were great; the children were able to learn not only about chocolate, but about rainforest animals and other rainforest facts. It was a pleasure and a real honor to be part of this collaboration."

Eve Balestriere
Fourth Grade Teacher
Madison School
Bridgeport, CT

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