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Why Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee is a good choice.

von Rainforest Alliance (2009)
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This paper critically examines the FSC and PEFC -- two certification programs at different stages of development.  

von Peter Sprang (2009)
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Agricultural expansion is the single largest threat to the world’s remaining tropical forests. In the tropics, farms are often responsible for deforestation, soil erosion and the contamination of waterways.

von Rainforest Alliance (2009)
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An evaluation of its ecological, economical and social impact.

von Marielos Peña-Claros, Stijn Blommerde, Frans Bongers, Wageningen University, The Netherlands (2009)
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A study comparing the pesticide policies of the Sustainable Agriculture Network and five other certification schemes.  

von the Pesticide Action Network (2009)
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