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The Rainforest Alliance is helping to arrest the major drivers of deforestation and environmental destruction. In our 2008 Annual Report, we provide a comprehensive overview of our on-the-ground work and detailed financial information.

von Rainforest Alliance (2008)
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First Steps in Transforming the Tea Industry

von Rainforest Alliance (2008)
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A study examining deforestation rates and occurrence of wildfire in Guatemala's Maya Biosphere Reserve, including Forest Stewardship Council-certified concessions.

von David Hughell, Rebecca Butterfield (2008)
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von Rainforest Alliance, MIF (Inter-American Development Bank), Fundecooperacion, Yanina Rovinksi, ReKwest (2007)
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Biologists have found rare macaws, owls, jaguar tracks and a giant anteater in the protected areas of Daterra, a Rainforest Alliance Certified farm in southeastern Brazil known as much for its superior beans as its commitment to conservation.

von Rainforest Alliance (2007)
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