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The Rainforest Alliance helps forward-thinking companies counter the destructive impacts of conventional palm oil production through responsible sourcing.
von Rainforest Alliance (2015)
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Covering close to 2.1 million hectares, Guatemala’s Maya Biosphere Reserve (MBR) is the largest protected area in Central America and home to about 180,000 people, as well as globally important biodiversity and cultural heritage.

von Rainforest Alliance, CONAP, Wildlife Conservation Society (2015)
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Deforestation in the tropics is a significant cause of global climate change (Murdiyarso, Hergoualc’h and Verchot 2010).

von Martin R.A. Noponen, Christian D.B. Mensah, Gotz Schroth, Jeffrey Hayward (2015)
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The private sector is increasingly interested in integrated landscape management (ILM) as a means to mitigate risks, and address opportunities beyond the production unit. Scherr et al.

von Gabrielle Kissinger, Mark Moroge, Martin Noponen (2015)
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