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Protecting Biodiversity

Forests are home to approximately two-thirds of the world's plants and animals. As trees are cleared and forests degraded, the unique flora and fauna that depend on these ecosystems come under threat of extinction. To protect endangered species and prevent those not currently threatened from joining their ranks, it’s vital that we conserve forestlands.

What We’re Doing

By providing communities and businesses with economically viable alternatives to forest destruction, we are helping them to ensure the health and survival of wildlife habitats and the plants and animals that depend on them.

We provide them with tools, technical assistance and training, and then evaluate forestry and agricultural businesses to ensure that they are protecting soils and waterways, monitoring wildlife populations, conserving migratory pathways, saving breeding grounds and prohibiting the trafficking of wild animals.

We also help communities to establish sustainable tourism businesses as alternatives to more environmentally destructive options. We then provide staff and owner training to help these hotels and other tourism enterprises minimize any negative impacts on wildlife and surrounding natural areas.

Evaluating Our Impact

To make sure that we are as effective as possible, we routinely conduct and evaluate impact studies on our work and continually adjust our approach. Find out what these studies have to say about how we are protecting biodiversity.

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