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Are Rainforest Alliance Certified Coffee Plantations Bird-Friendly?

This study evaluates several key questions that will contribute to the debate about ecosystem services in a biological corridor, and sustainable management practices in coffee farming. I evaluated ecosystem services provided by coffee plantations, such as habitat for avian biodiversity, and contribution to the conservation of genetic diversity through the facilitation of movement corridors. I examined the relative survivorship rates for forest birds within large patches of natural forest, small forest fragments, certified (Rainforest Alliance) coffee plantations, technified coffee plantations, and open farmland. Also, I asked if migratory bird species, visiting for the winter, have higher survivorship and/or site fidelity in any of these habitats. And I asked if dispersing forest birds selected certain habitats more than others within the corridor for movement across it. Since I used mist net capture data to consider these questions, first I evaluated the detectability (capture probability) of the study species, so that data from the different habitat treatments could be compared and contrasted.

por Oliver Komar, Ph.D., Principal Investigator, SalvaNATURA Department of Conservation Sciences (2012)
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