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Forestry and Enterprise Development Among the Indigenous Mayangna of Awas Tingni (North Atlantic Autonomous Region, Nicaragua)

por Rainforest Alliance (2015)
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The Rainforest Alliance provides women with equal access to education, technical assistance and training that helps them to adapt to climate change and build more resilient livelihoods for themselves, their families and their communities.

por Rainforest Alliance (2015)
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The purpose of this toolkit is to support the efforts of tourism companies and organizations to make their performance more sustainable from the social, environmental and economic The toolkit suggests a process that can help tourism entrepreneurs improve the...

por CREM, Rainforest Alliance (2015)
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This handbook explains how to develop and utilize a successful M&E system.

por Rainforest Alliance (2015)
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A publication designed to help tropical forest-based tour operators improve their environmental and social performance.

por Global Environment Facility, Rainforest Alliance, UNEP, Conservation International (2015)
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