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A publication designed to help tropical forest-based tour operators improve their environmental and social performance.

por Global Environment Facility, Rainforest Alliance, UNEP, Conservation International (2015)
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In this PhD dissertation, Rebeca de Jesus Crespo of the University of Georgia evaluates the impact of coffee agroforestry on high elevation streams in Costa Rica, assesses the effects of shade tree cover requirements on water quality, and makes...

por Rebeca de Jesus Crespo (2015)
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The Rainforest Alliance is a leader in the movement to build a truly ethical global market—one that sees farmworkers and companies, wildlife and foresters, and communities and consumers as part of an interconnected whole.

por Rainforest Alliance (2015)
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The Rainforest Alliance is helping to arrest the major drivers of deforestation and environmental destruction. In our 2014 Annual Report, we provide a comprehensive overview of our on-the-ground work and detailed financial information.

por Rainforest Alliance (2015)
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