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October 27, 2016

Wood at Work 2016

Brooklyn, New York

The Rainforest Alliance will be joining Wood at Work 2016, a conference based in Brooklyn, NY, that will explore the connections between global forest conservation and sustainable timber sourcing. The event, which will feature demonstrations, talks, and roundtables, aims to highlight four major themes that focus on the connections between nature, policy, technology, and culture. Jeff Hayward, VP for Programs, will lead a discussion on the need for diversification of timber in the tropics as well as the role that the Rainforest Alliance is playing in this sector in Guatemala.


November 1-16, 2016

Webinars For Businesses: Announcing The New Marketplace 2.0 For Agricultural Products


The Rainforest Alliance is pleased to announce the launch of our new Marketplace 2.0 online portal, supporting traceability and trademark approvals for Rainforest Alliance Certified™ agricultural products.


November 14-17, 2016

FSC client workshop and Forest Management Lead Auditor Training

Toronto, ON

Rainforest Alliance is holding a one-day Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) client workshop and three- day Forest Management Lead Auditor Training (FMLAT) during the week of November 14, 2016. Rainforest Alliance is an FSC accredited certifier.

L’atelier et la formation auront aussi lieu en français à Ville de Québec pendant la semaine du 28 novembre 2016.


November 17-18 2016

Innovation for Sustainable Agriculture

Washington DC

How science and technology can help business meet sustainable agriculture objectives. This two-day forum is designed to provide leading discussion and debate on how business can most efficiently improve sustainable agriculture production, raise yields and deliver against company objectives.


May 10, 2017

Rainforest Alliance 2017 Annual Gala

New York City

The Rainforest Alliance will hold its most prestigious event, the annual gala dinner and award show, on Wednesday, May 10, 2017. Conservationists, innovators and renowned leaders in the business and diplomatic communities will gather at the American Museum of Natural History to recognize the outstanding achievements made by individuals and companies in the areas of sustainable agriculture, forestry and tourism.



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Forest canopy - photo by Sergio Izquierdo

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