Public Summaries, Ongoing Assessments and Standards Development

Stakeholder feedback is an integral part of our work. All interested parties are invited to submit comments on forests currently under assessment, and to review Public Summary reports for completed evaluations on forestry enterprises that have been certified or verified by the Rainforest Alliance program.

We also invite public input on standards development, which is vital in helping us build consensus around our standards and procedures.

Complaints & Appeals

If you feel that an operation certified by Rainforest Alliance is in violation of FSC® standards, you are encouraged to lodge a formal complaint (en español).

Rainforest Alliance Service Public Information
FSC Forest Management Certification
  • Public notifications of forests currently under assessment
  • Public summaries of completed evaluations for valid certificate holders:
    • Public summary reports for evaluations completed prior to Dec 31, 2008 are located on our website and are organized by country then alphabetically by organization name and then chronologically by year of evaluation.
    • Public summary reports for evaluations completed after January 1, 2009 are located on the FSC Certificate Database. Enter the name of the operation in the "certificate holder" field or the certificate registration code of the operation in the "FSC code" field. You can also use the country scroll-down menu to search for all forest management certificates issued in a country. When the system has found the operation in question, click its name under "records found." The public summaries are found under the "reports" tab in the pop-up window.
Rediscovered Wood
Generic Chain-of-Custody Certification


Standards Development: Public Participation
Standards Currently Under Development*


* Stakeholders are encouraged to provide comments on any Rainforest Alliance standard at any time.

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