Guatemala -- Projects and Initiatives

An overview of TREES projects and initiatives in Guatemala.


Project: Increasing the Competitiveness of Forest Enterprises in Guatemala
Description: A partnership to help small- and medium- sized Guatemalan forestry enterprises access certification and enter high-value marketing chains.
Funder: USAID
Budget: $3,899,961
Dates: 1/06 – 2/10

Project: Guate-Carbon Initiative: Reducing Climate Change through Avoided Deforestation
Description: A project aimed at increasing benefits of forests to communities by incorporating carbon credits into the economic return of forest resources.
Funder: Inter-American Development Bank

Project: Protecting Biodiversity & Livelihoods in Guatemala's Sierra del Lacandon National Park
Funder: Richardson Foundation
Budget: $125,000
Dates: 1/07 – 1/12


Project: Certified Sustainable Products Alliance
Description: This collaborative three-year project aimed to increase supply, demand and value of sustainably produced timber, bananas and coffee from Central America.
Funder: USAID
Dates: 4/04 – 4/07

Project: Building Competitiveness in Communities in Guatemala and Honduras through Sustainable Forestry
Description: This is an effort to improve competitiveness among sustainably managed forestry communities.
Funder: Argidius Foundation
Budget: $300,000
Dates: 12/08 – 12/13

Project: Strengthening Capacity for Sustainable Livelihoods and Ecosystems in Latin America through Forestry, Tourism and Carbon Sequestration
Funder: Citigroup Foundation
Budget: $75,000
Dates: 12/07 – 12/08

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