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Green Your Campus

Right now, you have the power to help the planet. Every product and service on your college campus has an environmental and social impact. By demanding that your school choose Rainforest Alliance Certified™ products (like coffee, tea and paper) and commit to sustainability in school-related travel, you can lead the way toward a more sustainable future—a future in which workers are treated with respect, climate change is curbed, soils, waterways and wildlife are protected, and sustainability is the norm.

While sourcing local food and working with local businesses is important, many of the items you use most on campus can’t be local. Coffee, chocolate and many other products are grown and harvested in the tropics, where unsustainable farming practices threaten ecosystems and livelihoods. A comprehensive campus sourcing policy includes a commitment to certified sustainable products from all origins. That’s where the Rainforest Alliance comes in.

Make A Difference On Your College Campus:

Take Notes

1. Take Notes

Ask your school for sustainable paper products and building materials.

Grab a Coffee

2. Grab a Coffee

Ask your school for Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee, tea, chocolate and other food products.

See the World

3. See the World

Ask your school to switch to Rainforest Alliance Certified sustainable trips. Spring break, alumni trips, study abroad and other travel can all be made green.

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