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A review of the science, policy and practice of reducing degradation emissions. See page 47 for policy recommendations.

par by B. D. Griscom, et al (2009)
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A case study of a payment for environmental services project that was conducted in Guatemala's Maya Biosphere Reserve.

par Rainforest Alliance (2009)
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This report is one part of an analysis of shade coffee as a component of biological corridors in western El Salvador, part of a USAID-financed project to improve watershed management and conservation.

par Steven Romanoff (2008)
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Citing some of our work in Guatemala, this report argues that resource management springing from genuine community demand can nurture enterprises that generate considerable income and improve local ecosystems.  

par World Resources Institute (2008)
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This book explores the challenges of environmental protection and development. Includes a chapter by Rainforest Alliance president Tensie Whelan on conserving biodiversity and ensuring sustainable livelihoods. 

par Paolo Galizzi, Alena Herklotz (2008)
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