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The Rainforest Alliance is working to conserve Ethiopia's remaining forests while improving the livelihoods of coffee farmers.

par Rainforest Alliance (2008)
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This book explores the challenges of environmental protection and development. Includes a chapter by Rainforest Alliance president Tensie Whelan on conserving biodiversity and ensuring sustainable livelihoods. 

par Paolo Galizzi, Alena Herklotz (2008)
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This report examines the impact of training and technical assistance on hotel operations -- finding it can dramatically improve compliance with sustainability criteria.

par Deanna Newsom , Claudine Sierra (2008)
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A study of Pennyslvania's state forestlands indicates that certification has led to higher prices for forest timber.

par Deanna Newsom, Terrence Bensel, Volker Bahn (2008)
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Sustainable Flowers and Ferns in Bloom

par Rainforest Alliance (2008)
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