Getting Started

You're committed to making your campus, and our world, a more sustainable place. Now what?

  1. Get armed with background information on sustainable food and beverages, paper and wood products, and travel. The more you know about the issues, the easier it will be to achieve sustainable sourcing on campus.
  2. Find out what your school is doing to improve its environmental footprint. Is there a sustainability task force? A local food club? A worker welfare group? Speak with these groups, as well as other students and faculty, about the importance of responsible campus sourcing. They may not be considering the impact of products that cannot be “local” and may not be familiar with Rainforest Alliance certification.
  3. Identify the products that your school can source sustainably.
    • Food & Beverages (Coffee, tea, chocolate and fruit)
    • Paper Products (Copy paper for print centers, school-printed materials, napkins, toilet paper and paper towels)
    • Wood Products (Building materials and furniture)
    • Travel & Activities (Lodging options and activities for school-sponsored spring break, alumni travel and study abroad)
  4. Review our checklist to see what makes a campus sustainable. Follow these suggestions, and use our action materials to get your campus sourcing sustainably!
  5. Reach out to Rainforest Alliance staff for help, and help other students achieve their campus goals! Share success stories, questions and concerns with other students on Facebook and Twitter! For specific help in your on-campus efforts, send us an email.
  6. Stay involved and up-to-date with the Frog on Campus campaign by joining us on Facebook and following us on Twitter!

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