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Yacutinga Lodge & Private Nature Reserve

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Yacutinga Lodge & Private Nature Reserve is located on the upper Iguazú River, in the northeast corner of Argentina—just 50 miles (80 km) from Iguazú Falls. Our nature reserve protects this area’s rich biodiversity and is home to endangered species. Here, guests can enjoy ecotourism activities far from the crowds typically found in the immediate Iguazú Falls area.

You can commune with nature during your stay at Yacutinga Lodge. Our buildings and facilities take up only 10 acres (four hectares) of the property’s 1,408 acres (570 hectares), and were built to have minimal impact on our ecosystem—for example, we followed the land’s natural slope and used local, natural materials. The main building that houses our reception area, main restaurant, and terrace-bar is surrounded by a palm forest, and natural spring water flowing to our pool generates soothing sounds that fill the air with peace and harmony.



Six double rooms and 14 triple rooms (equipped with three single beds), all with forest views. All are in four-room modules scattered around the main building. Their design is rustic and very comfortable. Each has a private bathroom with hot water 24-hours a day. Our “Yateí” suite, surrounded by thick vegetation and shaded by giant trees, is ideal for honeymooners and adventurous couples.

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Yacutinga protects 1,408 acres (570 hectares) of healthy Paraná forest, where we conduct and fund biological research projects and support efforts to reduce illegal activities. We promote environmental awareness among our guests, staff, and related businesses and support a wild orchid rescue project and a recycling program. We take care to minimize packing and packaged products, have instituted a ban on the use of pesticides and non-biodegradable chemicals, and minimize the use of nonrenewable resources.

We carry out an annual environmental education program in local schools and raise awareness about irresponsible tourism and its impacts on host communities. Our staff regularly participates in seminars and presentations on tourism, sustainability and conservation at local, national, and regional levels. We work hard to develop and implement sustainable management systems by continually providing training on social and environmental topics to all lodge staff. We buy all of our fresh food from local producers, and give preference to suppliers and business partners that share our commitment to sustainability.

Forest canopy - photo by Sergio Izquierdo

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