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Right now the Rainforest Alliance has the opportunity to significantly expand its reach to new crops, communities and countries. Government agencies and foundations are offering us grants to get started, including…

  • $12 million to enhance livelihoods and improve sustainability in the coffee sector in Latin America
  • $11 million to transform forest management in Mexico, Peru, Honduras, Guatemala and Nicaragua
  • $4 million for sustainable tourism in Latin America
  • $8 million for sustainable cattle ranching in South America
  • $5 million to transform the global cocoa industry
  • $5 million to increase tea certification in Asia and Africa
  • $6 million for forestry and climate change work in central and western Africa
  • $9 million for sustainable forestry, agriculture and tourism in in the Andean Amazon of Peru and Ecuador

But those grants don’t cover basic needs like training staff, measuring our impact or communicating results. In order to accept these funds, we need to raise an additional $20 million from individuals like you. That’s money that will directly support our work on the ground, building a new way of doing business that supports people and the planet.


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