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Taan Forest Achieves FSC Certification on Haida Gwaii

November 9, 2011

The Rainforest Alliance today announced that Taan Forest, owned by the Haida Enterprise Corporation (HaiCo) of Haida Gwaii, in British Columbia, has successfully achieved Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certification, becoming the first forest in British Columbia to meet FSC standards since 2009. Haida Gwaii is an archipelago of 200 islands off the northwest coast of British Columbia renowned for both its cultural importance and unique biodiversity.

“This investment by the Haida people in achieving FSC Certification is a big step forward for Taan Forest,” said Bob Brash, president of Taan Forest. “The Haida Nation’s special relationship with their forests and environment is well known. We are extremely pleased that stringent independent audits under the world’s preeminent FSC standards confirmed as such.”

Taan Forest completed a series of assessments and reports over the last year led by the Rainforest Alliance. Taan Forest is the group manager of the FSC certificate that includes Tree Farm License 60 and the Haida and British Columbia Timber Sales Forest Licenses within Timber Supply Area 25 on Moresby and Graham Islands, representing 884,884 acres (358,100 hectares).

“Taan Forest was able to achieve FSC certification in just 11 months, illustrating its strong commitment to adopting the highest social and environmental standards,” said Krista West, forest management coordinator at the Rainforest Alliance. “This achievement sets a shining example to the forestry community in BC and Canada, demonstrating that FSC certification is within practical reach.”

“Change starts with us and the way we approach forestry,” said Guujaaw, president of the Haida Nation. “We know that we can maintain our culture, respect nature, and still derive a livelihood from the forests.”

FSC certification requirements are widely considered the “gold standard” for sustainable forest management, and the Rainforest Alliance is the leading FSC certifier worldwide. Over 167,413,895 acres (67,750,000 hectares) of forestlands worldwide have been certified to FSC standards by the Rainforest Alliance. The FSC standards cover environmental protection, wildlife protection, worker rights and safety, just wages, good living conditions and healthcare.

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