Champion a Community in Conservation

Champion a Community in Conservation

Want to directly improve lives in a rural community that's helping to conserve the Peruvian Amazon? Then head over to Indiegogo and support one of four projects that are helping both the environment and people in Peru's Madre de Dios region.

The four projects below are all part of the Initiative for Conservation in the Andean Amazon (ICAA)—a USAID-supported program that is bolstering environmental protection efforts in western South America. The Rainforest Alliance is working through ICAA to administer a small grants program supporting projects that have proposed green ways to create income in their communities.

The Rainforest Alliance will work with all of the projects to ensure that the grants fund sustainable livelihoods in communities in need of environmentally friendly development. So please give to one of the following projects and help people who are defending the world's greatest rainforest.

Fund Projects, Change Lives:

Make Palma Real the Sustainable Crafts Capital of Peru

A Crafty Approach to Conservation

Help the Artisan Women Association of Palma Real, whose beautiful, environmentally friendly crafts are funding a rural community's sustainable development.
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Help the Amazon's Tres Islas Community Build a Sustainable Business
The Tres Islas community took a stand and forced out environmentally damaging mining operations. Support their bravery and help them launch a sustainable Brazil nut business.
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Help This Peruvian Community's Traditional Medicine Business Fluorish
By contributing to a traditional medicine eco-tourism business, you can support the Ese'eja people to sustainably treat patients from all over the world.
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Support This Amazon Community's Sustainable Superfruit Movement
Peruvian farmers need help in order to responsibly harvest moriche palm fruit and use the next superfood craze to fund their sustainable dreams.
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These projects are part of the USAID-supported Initiative for Conservation in the Andean Amazon.

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