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The Rainforest Alliance is helping to arrest the major drivers of deforestation and environmental destruction. In our 2015 Annual Report, we provide a comprehensive overview of our on-the-ground work and detailed financial information.

by Rainforest Alliance (2016)
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The Rainforest Alliance celebrates its 15th anniversary in sustainable tourism. Our achievements would not have been possible without the support and dedication of many colleagues who passed through the organization and left their mark, their legacy.

by Rainforest Alliance (2015)
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During 2014, the Rainforest Alliance achieved major milestones. The early part of the year saw the millionth Rainforest Alliance Certified farm.

by Rainforest Alliance (2015)
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This handbook explains how to develop and utilize a successful M&E system.

by Rainforest Alliance (2015)
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A publication designed to help tropical forest-based tour operators improve their environmental and social performance.

by Global Environment Facility, Rainforest Alliance, UNEP, Conservation International (2015)
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