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Over 120,000 cocoa farms in 11 countries have achieved Rainforest Alliance certification, covering an area of nearly 500,000 hectares (1.24 million acres), and with recent commitments by Unilever, Mars, Kraft and others to source Rainforest Alliance Certifie...

by Rainforest Alliance (2012)
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The Rainforest Alliance and Citi Foundation have hosted two Sustainable Value Chain Finance Workshops in order to establish a dialogue with agricultural value chain participants regarding ways to expand and improve the financing available for sustainable pro...

by Rainforest Alliance, Citi Foundation (2012)
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The Rainforest Alliance is helping people to transform their land-use practices by championing standards that promote the sustainable use of resources and conserve the planet’s biodiversity for future generations.

by Rainforest Alliance (2012)
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This study evaluates several key questions that will contribute to the debate about ecosystem services in a biological corridor, and sustainable management practices in coffee farming.

by Oliver Komar, Ph.D., Principal Investigator, SalvaNATURA Department of Conservation Sciences (2012)
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For 25 years, the Rainforest Alliance has worked to arrest the major drivers of deforestation and environmental destruction. In our 2011 Annual Report, we provide a comprehensive overview of our on-the-ground work and detailed financial information.

by Rainforest Alliance (2012)
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