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The livelihoods of more than 25 million people in the tropics depend on coffee, one of the world’s most widely traded commodities. Coffee is farmed on approximately 12 million hectares worldwide, an area nearly the size of England.

by Rainforest Alliance (2015)
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The Rainforest Alliance provides women with equal access to education, technical assistance and training that helps them to adapt to climate change and build more resilient livelihoods for themselves, their families and their communities.

by Rainforest Alliance (2015)
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This guide presents detailed information about the marine coastal ecosystem and the environmental resources most used by tourism activity in the above-mentioned ecosystem.

by Rainforest Alliance, Conservation International, Global Environment Facility, PNUMA (2015)
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The purpose of this toolkit is to support the efforts of tourism companies and organizations to make their performance more sustainable from the social, environmental and economic The toolkit suggests a process that can help tourism entrepreneurs improve the...

by CREM, Rainforest Alliance (2015)
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