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The impacts of climate change such as extreme weather events, pest outbreaks, droughts, and altered growing seasons are already destabilizing many communities and compromising the ability of farmers to cultivate sustainable livelihoods for themselves and the...

by Rainforest Alliance (2014)
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With help from the Rainforest Alliance, dozens of tour operators have improved their environmental, social and economic practices and have consolidated their responsible sourcing programs.

by Rainforest Alliance (2014)
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As one of the only such projects in the world that is building on community-based production forestry and enterprise, GuateCarbon is generating important lessons with global significance.

by Benjamin D. Hodgdon, Jeffrey Hayward, Omar Samayoa (2014)
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During 2013, the Rainforest Alliance once again demonstrated the transformative power of marketbased solutions such as sustainable certification, with growth rates rising across its global efforts in sustainable agriculture, forestry, tourism, climate change...

by Rainforest Alliance (2014)
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An overview of scientific research examining the results of Rainforest Alliance coffee certification and training on ecosystems, livelihoods and communities.

by Tensie Whelan, Deanna Newsom (2014)
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