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Shop the Frog Guidelines

The Rainforest Alliance created Shop the Frog to help consumers find products bearing the Rainforest Alliance Certified™ green frog seal. In order to be listed on Shop the Frog, businesses must meet the following requirements: Rainforest Alliance Certified(TM) seal

  • The business offers products that bear the Rainforest Alliance Certified seal and that are available for direct purchase.
  • The business is in compliance with our Use of Seal Guidelines.
  • The Rainforest Alliance Certified seal is featured directly on the product or its packaging. In cases where the product does not have packaging, featuring the seal on price tags, hang tags, or point-of-sale materials may be acceptable.
  • If the product is sold online only and does not have packaging where the Rainforest Alliance Certified seal can be displayed, then the seal must appear on the webpage where the product is featured, next to the product’s description.

If you are a business that sources products from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms or forests and wish to be listed on Shop the Frog, please contact us at shopthefrog (at) and provide information about the seal-bearing products that you offer.

If you are looking for wholesalers, please visit our sourcing assistance page.

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