Take a Small Action that Leads to Big Change

Every time you choose a product with the green frog seal, you’re taking one small action that leads to big change. Read on to find out more small actions you can take.

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When you choose a product with the green frog seal, you’re taking one small action that leads to big change.

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Find Rainforest Alliance Certified(TM) Products - Photo by J Henry Fair

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Your Simple Choices Have the Power to Make a BIG Difference

Every day, you can help prevent deforestation, curb climate change, protect wildlife, alleviate poverty and transform business practices.

It’s simple: just look for the green frog seal when you shop for coffee, cocoa, tea, flowers, fruit, paper and wood products. The Rainforest Alliance Certified™ seal is your assurance that a farm or forest is protecting ecosystems, safeguarding water sources, soil and wildlife, and ensuring that workers and their families are provided with safe conditions, decent housing and access to healthcare and education.

Your decision to buy goods that bear the little green frog seal has a domino effect, encouraging new companies to demand sustainable sources for their raw materials and ingredients. You’ve already helped us convince brands like Chiquita (bananas), Mars (chocolates), Kraft (coffees), Lipton (teas) and Staples (paper) to use ingredients that originate on Rainforest Alliance Certified farms or forests. Now help us take the next step and make sustainability business as usual!

Why You Should Join Our Community

Because the success of our work depends on a collaboration between farmers and foresters, retailers and YOU! When you join our community, we’ll inspire you with stories about the communities we’re helping, update you on where to find sustainably grown and harvested goods and tell you about other ways that you can get involved.

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