Rainforest Alliance's Upcoming Evaluation of Asia Pulp and Paper Group

The Rainforest Alliance will conduct an independent evaluation of the progress Asia Pulp and Paper Group (APP) has made in implementing the commitments in its Forest Conservation Policy (FCP).

After months of discussion the Rainforest Alliance and APP have come to an agreement that will involve:

  • the establishment of an independent team of auditors, to be led by internationally respected forester and auditor, Keith Moore;
  • development of a specific evaluation process based on a set of Performance Indicators to evaluate on-the-ground-delivery of the commitments in the FCP and related public statements;
  • consultation with a wide range of national and international stakeholders, as well as APP staff and concession owners and workers;
  • in-field assessments of at least 20 concessions in Indonesia and possibly concessions in China;
  • transparency of the evaluation including publicly available evaluation plan, Performance Indicators and a report detailing the findings of the evaluation.

The Rainforest Alliance will post details of the evaluation on its website: www.rainforest-alliance.org. Given the long-term, in-depth nature of the project, the Rainforest Alliance intends to issue project updates via its website, but findings of the evaluation will only be released once all the field work has been completed, later in 2014.

Initial planning work is already underway, and internationally recognised forester and auditor, Mr Keith Moore, has been contracted by the Rainforest Alliance as Lead Auditor. In total an eight (8) person team will be assembled to conduct the field evaluation.

Richard Donovan, Senior Vice President and Vice President of Forestry, said: “When APP announced its Forest Conservation Policy we welcomed it with the caution that action on the ground was what mattered. The Rainforest Alliance has built its reputation on developing and implementing sustainability standards and evaluation systems that report independently on a company’s progress against sustainability commitments. This project, while certainly challenging, will be treated no differently. The field work, consultation process and final report will reflect our independent view of the progress made to implement APP’s Forest Conservation Policy on the ground.”

About the APP Forest Conservation Policy

Made up of four commitments the policy includes a moratorium on the clearance of all natural forest, assessments to determine which parts of APP’s concessions contain High Carbon Stock and which are of High Conservation Value, all of which are to be protected. It also includes commitments to best practice peatland management and to ensure the principles of Free, Prior and Informed Consent are used for all new developments.

For more information visit: www.asiapulppaper.com

About Keith Moore

Keith Moore is a Canadian forestry consultant with 30 years of diverse working experience across Canada and nine other countries. He is a registered professional forester (RPF) in Canada and has a Masters of Arts in Resource Geography. As an independent consultant, he works frequently on contracts for the Rainforest Alliance, and is one of the Rainforest Alliance’s most experienced Senior Auditors.

Since 2000 Keith has been the team leader or a team member on almost 80 Rainforest Alliance projects involving FSC assessments, a REDD+ evaluation, and the development of standards for the assessment of sustainability and social and environmental responsibility. He specializes in large, complex and controversial forest assessment projects involving teams of auditors. He has led or worked on projects in Indonesia, Australia, Russia, Cameroon, Guyana, Montenegro, Guatemala, Kenya, Canada, and the USA.

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