Toolkit for Tour Operators

Codes of Conduct for Tour Operators (in English) -- Guidelines for tour operators working in environmentally-sensitive areas.

A Practical Guide to Good Practice for Tropical Forest-Based Tours (in English) -- a publication designed to help tropical forest-based tour operators improve their environmental and social performance. It includes practical suggestions for improving performance, examples from other tour operators around the world, and a self-evaluation checklist to help operators identify areas of improvement.

Toolkit to Develop and Promote Sustainable Tourism in Latin America (in English and Spanish) -- a practical guide with recommendations for best management practices for tour operators, with information tailored to activity and destination.

A Practical Guide to Good Practice for Marine-Based Tours with a Special Emphasis on the Galápagos (in English) -- a guide designed to help marine tour operators improve their environmental and social performance, as a way to both contribute to marine conservation and the economic development of coastal communities, and increase their attractiveness to increasingly discerning consumers.

Other Resources

Are you ready for business? How to sell excursions to UK tour operators (in English) -- a manual by the Travel Foundation designed to help small tourism enterprises or community groups expand their market by learning how to supply their products to UK tour operators.

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