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Community Engagement: Our Impacts

Beyond our efforts to protect workers and their families, our programs also seek to safeguard and enhance the lives of people in surrounding communities. The enterprises with which we work are required to conduct public consultations with all stakeholders who might be affected by their decisions.

Beyond protecting people from harm, our work has also had many positive ripple effects, increasing income and creating jobs within the community, inspiring neighbors to care for their natural resources and educating local children on the importance of sustainability.

Sustainable Tourism Boosts Demand for Local Hiring and Sourcing

  • Among 14 businesses that participate in our sustainable tourism program in five countries, all hired local people and sourced products from local micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises. As a result, 79 percent said that the local community showed them more respect and collaborated with them to a greater degree.
  • Hotels that work with us in Costa Rica’s Sarapiquí region have actively engaged with their surrounding communities in a variety of ways -- including sponsoring a fair at which local businesses and artisans sold their products and interacted with hotel visitors and staff.

FSC-Certified Forestry Businesses Consult With Their Indigenous Neighbors

In an extensive study of three large FSC-certified forestry businesses1 operating in Canada’s boreal forests, researchers found that FSC certification:

  • Helped to strengthen the consultation process and ensured that the needs of aboriginal communities were taken into account before certification was awarded;
  • Raised awareness of aboriginal issues among company representatives and played a key role in identifying weaknesses in their relationships with these communities; and
  • Leveraged financial resources for aboriginal communities and led to formal agreements between both parties.

The Social Benefits of Our Work:

  1. Two of the businesses featured were certified by the Rainforest Alliance while the third was certified by another FSC-accredited body.

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