The Adopt-A-Rainforest program allows individuals, school groups and other organizations to raise funds for programs that stop rainforest destruction. Donations to the Adopt-A-Rainforest program support the Rainforest Alliance’s mission to help communities that depend on forests for their livelihood practice sustainable management of tropical forest lands.

Many people make donations to Adopt-A-Rainforest on behalf of loved ones, to celebrate weddings, birthdays and holidays, or in memoriam.

Donors often design and stage creative fundraising events that help publicize their support through the Adopt-A-Rainforest program, raising awareness in their communities about the importance of rainforests. For ideas, check out some of our donor success stories.

Because many donors are kids or teachers, we encourage you to check out the Rainforest Alliance’s free educational materials featuring multidisciplinary curricula containing stories, lesson plans, presentations, and everything teachers need to connect their students to the conservation impact of Adopt-A-Rainforest donations.

After you have raised money to donate to Adopt-A-Rainforest, you can either fill out and mail the donation form or donate online. As a small token of appreciation, you will be emailed a printable Rainforest Alliance certificate. Remember even a small amount of money can go a long way!

When you Adopt-A-Rainforest, your symbolic gift supports the Rainforest Alliance’s general mission to conserve forests.


Donations to the Adopt-A-Rainforest projects support the sustainable management of tropical forest lands.