7 Nature Photos That Will Capture Your Imagination

The winners of the Rainforest Alliance’s 2013 “Picture Sustainability” photo contest travelled to Thailand, Panama, Morocco and beyond to capture these stunning shots of wildlife, forests and water.

Grand Prize Winner: Iguana by Sandra Villarroel

Iguana by Sandra Villarroel


Photo credit: Sandra Villarroel

“This gorgeous iguana was hanging out in a grassy area, just behind the hotel I was staying at, and she was nice and generous enough to let me photograph her.” —Sandra Villarroel

Photo taken in Florida, USA.

People & Culture Category Winner:  Bequest Value by Morrison Mast

Bequest Value by Morrison Mast

Bequest Value

Photo credit: Morrison Mast

“The eldest son of the Campillo family holds a traditional reed flute to his infant son's lips and plays a note that melds with the din of surrounding birds and insects. Since all Kuna instruments are made entirely from natural materials, the Kuna People's culture is inextricably linked with the health of their ecosystems and is dependent on the wise management of local natural resources.” —Morrison Mast

Photo taken in Armila, Kuna Yala, Panama.

Forests Category Winner: Japanese Maple by Garret Suhrie

Japanese Maple by Garret Suhrie

Japanese Maple

Photo credit: Garret Suhrie

This beautiful photo was taken in Oregon, USA.

Water Category Winner: Tranquil Waters by Vijay Aitha

Tranquil Waters by Vijay Aitha

Tranquil Waters

Photo credit: Vijay Aitha

“One of the most amazing places of Thailand, the Phi Phi Islands are known for their clear waters and natural beauty. Visited by too many tourists, I hope the authorities here enforce stricter eco-sensitive rules.” —Vijay Aitha

Photo taken in the Phi Phi Islands, Thailand.

Wildlife Category Winner: The Tiger by Kyle Archerd

The Tiger by Kyle Archerd

The Tiger

Photo credit: Kyle Archerd

The Siberian tiger, also known as the Amur tiger, is the largest cat species in the world. It lives primarily in the vast birch forests of the Russian Far East.

Adventure Tourism Category Winner: Wandering Berber by Lindsey Hethcote

Wandering Berber by Lindsey Hethcote

Wandering Berber

Photo credit: Lindsey Hethcote

“A Berber desert guide wanders through the Sahara Desert as he waits for our group to pack up our campsite.” —Lindsey Hethcote

Photo taken in Morocco.

Iconic Destinations Category Winner: Golden Sunrise by Artem Kevorkov

Golden Sunrise by Artem Kevorkov

Golden Sunrise

Photo credit: Artem Kevorkov

“An amazing sunrise over the iconic Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.”

Photo taken in San Francisco, California, USA.

People collecting dirty river water

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