Instagram Takeover: Mattias Klum

To celebrate our #FollowTheFrog campaign we invited leading environmental photographers to take over our Instagram for a week. We were honored to have Mattias Klum (, globe-trotting photographer, filmmaker, and National Geographic Fellow, share his stunning photos and amazing adventures on our account.

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Photo by @mattiasklumofficial. The pitcher plant (Nepenthes sp) attracts its prey by a sweet scent and sugary nectar. Once the insect has entered the pitcher, soap-slippery walls prevent its escape and the insect will face an acidic watery grave. Some bigger species of pitcher plants can even consume smaller mammals such as mice and birds. Recent studies have even revealed that some species of pitcher plants on Borneo work as a toilet for rodents. Here the plants nectar also has a laxative effect, and the plant get its nutrient supply from the rodents faeces. @mattiasklumofficial #RainforestAlliance #wwf #igcp #iucn #rajaampat #pitcherplant #src #nikon #mattiasklum #beauty @natgeo @wwf @thephotosociety #FollowTheFrog #IGtakeover

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As forests disappear, countless species are threatened with extinction.