International Day of Forests

We thought the International Day of Forests was the perfect excuse to share a few beautiful photos of these biodiverse wonders.

Found near the equator, tropical forests are characterized by year-round high temperatures, plentiful rainfall and thick, lush growth.

Tropical rainforest

Tropical rainforest

Photo credit: Steffen Thalemann

Most of the precipitation in cloud forests (also known as montane forests) comes from a mist that rises up from the lowlands. These forests can be found in tropical, subtropical, and temperate zones.

Cloud forest

Cloud forest

Photo credit: Douglas Harr

Temperate forests—located in eastern North America, northeastern Asia, and western and eastern Europe–typically feature a combination of coniferous and deciduous evergreens.

Temperate forest
Photo credit: Jason Normann

Plantation forests—covering more than 345 million acres of land around the globe—produce around 40 percent of all industrial wood.

Plantation forest in Oaxaca, Mexico

Plantation forest

Mediterranean forests have a short growing season and a mix of hard and soft wood trees. They can be found along the coasts of California, Chile, Western Australia, and (you guessed it!) the Mediterranean.

Mediterranean forest

Mediterranean forest


Burning Peruvian forest - photo by Mohsin Kazmi

Forests are falling at an alarming rate.

Each minute, 85 acres are destroyed.