#OurFamilyTree: Intan Fardinatri

"We work with more than 18,000 farmers in two districts here in Lampung. I love when I see that coffee farmers are benefiting from the training we provide. It’s exciting to see the big and small impacts on how they manage their farms and lives. Part of the aim of our project is to improve business and management skills for farmer families. Of course, we also listen to their ideas and stories that they share, so that we can improve our training approach and methodology."

—Intan Fardinatri, Rainforest Alliance’s Coffee Manager in Indonesia

Intan Fardinatri discusses training materials in the Rainforest Alliance’s Indonesia office.

Intan Fardinatri discusses training materials in the Rainforest Alliance’s Indonesia office.

Photo credit: Paul Stanchfield

Intan Fardinatri’s dedicated conservation work in the Tanggamus and Lampung Barat districts helps to undo the damage to Sumatra’s critically important rainforest ecosystems caused by years of irresponsible coffee farming. The training provided by the Rainforest Alliance and our partner organizations offers tools, resources, and information on sustainable agricultural and business management.

Scientific research has documented many benefits of sustainable agriculture training: improved coffee yields (as high as 55 percent for farmers with even partial training), better quality beans, a significant drop in use of agrochemicals (from 29 percent to 10 percent over a three-year period), and improved soil quality. The median revenue for farmers increased by 40 percent as well. 

Fardinatri also…

  • Is a part-time staffer with two small children ages one and three years old
  • Has a small home garden with chilies and tomatoes and hopes to add bananas and grass jelly soon
  • Sometimes works very late or very early in order to talk with colleagues around the globe in different time zones

#OurFamilyTree is a photo series that features people from around the globe whose work forwards the mission of the Rainforest Alliance. See the entire series and get a peek into the lives of the people who help create our impact on the world. 

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