Paula Nimpuno

Board Member

Paula Nimpuno-Parente is a member of the Rainforest Alliance Board of Directors since 2018 and was on the UTZ Supervisory Board before that. She is a consultant in the international entrepreneurship development sector. Prior to this, she was Program Officer at Ford Foundation on economic fairness issues from the Foundation's southern Africa office. Before joining the Ford Foundation in 2001, Paula worked at the Bernard van Leer Foundation in The Hague, where she was a program specialist with grant-making responsibilities in Brazil and Africa. Early in her career, she researched women's issues in Thailand and Kenya, focusing on access to low-income housing markets and employment opportunities in the informal economy.

Nimpuno studied geography and business management from the Eduardo Mondlane University in Maputo, Mozambique. Her master's degree is in development studies from the Institute of Social Studies in The Hague. She also has two postgraduate diplomas, one in human settlement planning studies at the Institute of Housing Studies in the Netherlands, and a gender and development degree from DPU, University College London.

Forest canopy - photo by Sergio Izquierdo

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