Rainforest Alliance-UTZ Merger

The Rainforest Alliance and UTZ (a leading certification program for coffee, cocoa, and tea) have announced their intention to merge. We expect to complete the legal merger and begin working to build our new organization in January 2018. The new organization will carry forward the Rainforest Alliance name.

Check back here for more updates!

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Han de Groot

An Auspicious Beginning

Han de Groot, CEO of the new Rainforest Alliance and the former executive director of UTZ, discusses the shared vision that brought the two organizations together.

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Ria Stout

A Sustainability Homecoming

Reflections on the UTZ - Rainforest Alliance merger from someone who has worked for both organizations

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Eriberto Ruiz

Q&A on the UTZ / Rainforest Alliance Merger

Detailed information about the merger, which completes in January 2018. 

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