Commercial Reforestation with Paulownia and Carbon Dioxide Capture

Project Type: 

Afforestation, Reforestation and Revegetation (ARR)


800 hectares 


Panama - Chepo District - El Llano 


Sustainable Capital Group Panama S.A.


Rainforest Alliance Evaluation: 

Validated conformance with the Verified Carbon Standard 2007.1: September 5th, 2011 (RA-VAL-VCS-014771).

This project seeks to reforest degraded lands by designing a commercially-viable forestry operation using the plant species Paulownia, also known as “princess tree” or “empress tree.” It focuses on an area of Panama’s Bayano River basin that is severely deforested and whose soils are impoverished due to the effects of subsistence agriculture and cattle ranching. The project aims to provide an alternative to destructive land-use activities by implementing sustainable forestry practices, such as logging cycles that ensure carbon stocks are well maintained. Planting and growing Paulownia will improve the ecosystem’s capacity for carbon dioxide sequestration, reduce soil erosion and create habitats and migration corridors for the wildlife species that occupy the basin, including the red-footed tortoise (Geochelone carbonaria) and various migratory bird species. It is anticipated that the project will sequester 3,724,271.41 tCO2e over a 40-year period.

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